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I'm a 34-year-old Green Party politician, mother and human rights activist. I live in Pitäjänmäki with my American husband, our energetic daughter, and our Cambodian street cat. I moved back to Helsinki in 2015 after over a decade of studying and working on four different continents.


I have over a decade of experience in international development. Most of my experience is in working with poor and marginalised communities, with a focus on land and housing rights, as well as access to basic services. 

I currently work as Global Coordinator for Digital Development at Plan International, where I have the exciting task of looking at how technology and digital tools can be used to promote human rights, and girls' rights in particular.

The rights of irregular and undocumented migrants are also close to my heart, and an area I have experience working with.

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My Politics

I ran in the 2017 municipal elections as a candidate for the Helsinki Greens and got 165 votes. I am now a member of the city's education board's Swedish section.

I am also the chair of Finland's Swedish Greens (Grifi). 

My latest statements can be found on my Facebook page and on my Twitter account.

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Massive thanks to my husband Gregory Pellechi for helping out with my various endeavours in every way, shape, and form, including setting up this website. 

I am also massively grateful to the talented Mashkoor Imad for the photos featured on this site.